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284 Pleasant Corners Road, Vankleek Hill, ON K0B 1R0, Vankleek Hill, Ontario 45.5424° N, 74.6035° W

"In 2009, a friend introduced me to the world of homemade soap. I became fascinated with the process and fell in love with the results. What began as a hobby has now developed into a small business. Combining my love of gardening and my desire to use more natural products, Garden Path Homemade Soap emerged." Tara MacWhirter, CEO & Founder

Our soap is made from natural ingredients and is produced in small batches using the traditional cold process method. Our products do not include chemicals, dyes, and preservatives and are made with renewable plant oils, natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, and are biodegradable.  Each type of product made by Garden Path Homemade Soap offers unique properties which you can explore using our product filters. 

The monarch butterfly that we use on all of our labels is significant in many ways. Its life stages are unique and it has the ability to metamorphasize from a caterpillar into such a beautiful insect. We often stop and admire the monarchs that visit the gardens. It is fortuitous leading Tara to write a song years ago with the phrase "...butterflies would stop and say hello." 

We enjoy raising monarchs in the gardens and by doing so we also increase the chance they have to survive into adulthood. When you visit Garden Path Homemade Soap during the late summer, you may get an opportunity to see some monarchs up close in our rearing cage and when they emerge as butterflies, lucky visitors get to release them into the wild. In October of 2012, our property was designated a Monarch Waystation by Monarch Watch. To learn more about this beautiful butterfly and how you can become involved in helping the monarch visit:

May 1 – Sept 30 Open 7 days a week from 10:00am – 5:00pm

Oct 1 – April 30 Open Wed – Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm CLOSED Mon & Tues


Gift shop, wheelchair accessible (ground may be rough in areas)

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