CHEO Healing Garden

401 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, Ontario

“A garden can be one of the most magical places in a child’s life. To plant and care for something, see it sprout and then bloom is indeed special. Gardens also have a soothing affect in relieving stress so that children and youth can be taught to better channel their energy and learn to alleviate various forms of stress through healthy methods.

Many of our long-term patients and children with chronic disorders feel that CHEO is like a second home. This is why the Healing Earth Garden has such an important and special role at CHEO for our inpatients. Like our playrooms and our libraries, it is another program that lets kids be kids.

CHEO staff members are always looking for creative ways to help patients in their recovery and rehabilitation. The Healing Earth Garden is another outlet for rehabilitation that is both fun and creative.”

Open 24/7

Free  OC Transpo Child Friendly  Pet Friendly

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