Gardens Ottawa Vision:
To be the voice for the garden community of Ottawa vis-à-vis the city, the private sector and the tourism industry and other sectors of the community.

Gardens Ottawa Mission:
To foster the development of marketing synergies, aligned with local, regional, provincial and national strategies
To provide unique and effective opportunities to grow the garden experience sector and the markets and membership of all those involved.

Gardens Ottawa Mandate:

  • To develop effective working relationships within the local/regional garden experience sector;
  • To work toward the removal of barriers to collaboration;
  • To identify services and resources that need to be improved;
  • To encourage, facilitate and develop effective relationships with the volunteer and community sectors, private sector, public sector, service providers and other stakeholders;
  • To share and disseminate knowledge and information;
  • To identify evaluation approaches to track improvements;
  • To engage with the successful delivery of the Growing Our Markets (GOM) activities.

Gardens Ottawa Objectives:

  • Encourage residents, businesses, associations, organizations and government to recognize the value and potential that gardens, garden events and gardening provide for our community, our physical and mental health and our environment as a whole;
  • Facilitate communication between all groups and organizations that are committed to the development, growth and beautification of the community via gardens and gardening;
  • Be a voice for the garden and gardening community with such entities as the municipal government, other groups and organizations, the private sector and Ottawa residents in general;
  • Create a network to provide assistance to groups and projects which support and promote the creation, care and enjoyment of gardens and gardening within our community;
  • Facilitate communication between garden leaders and the garden and landscape industry;
  • Develop a Ottawa garden marketing synergy plan;
  • Manage a Ottawa garden web site: GardensOttawa.ca;
  • Integrate local gardens and garden experiences with Canada’s Garden Route;
  • Plan, implement and promote Garden Days at the local/regional level;
  • Work towards the integration of gardens and garden experiences to the overall tourism offerings of the Ottawa;
  • Support and promote the use of garden experiences as a means of enhancing our community’s quality of life and its celebrations;
  • Identify issues that warrant a policy response and bring these issues to the attention of policy-makers.


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